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Length: 117 mins, 6 scenes!


Features: BAREBACK, oral sex, anal sex

Subtitles: In Czech with English subtitles

Directed by ROBERT BOGGS

AYOR Studios presents BLISS PART THREE, a film by Robert Boggs

After the successful movies BLISS ONE and BLISS TWO, Robert Boggs has produced BLISS THREE in a BAREBACK version.
It’s morning, and the other boys in the house are still asleep. Benjamin is just now returning from the shower. Danton Gary has woken up, and like every morning he is masturbating in his bed. There are probably a lot of guys who would like to be in the shower together with Benjamin or to lie in bed with Danton. Benjamin goes into Danton’s room and catches him playing with his hard and huge dick. Benjamin, as a true friend, decides to help Danton. Both guys suck each other’s dicks and enjoy themselves, and then horny Benjamin fucks Danton.
Danton is in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the other boys, when Steve Weaver, who just woke up a while ago, walks in. His dick is hard, like every morning. It doesn’t take long, and Steve’s tongue begins licking Danton’s freshly showered ass, and then his hard cock fucks Danton’s hole directly in the open window! Danton rewards Steve with a great squirt of cum directly in his face. It’s wild!
The boys are playing volleyball in the afternoon, but it’s obvious that soon it will begin to rain. The boys leave, and Steve, Chris Hollander and Mike Hassell shower together. Their sexual fantasies get them so excited, that they decide to have a threesome in one of the rooms. In various positions, they suck and fuck each other. Soon their mouths and holes are full of cum.
Benjamin Dunn and Danny Gell are sucking each other’s dicks in the late afternoon in front of the house. Then later, Benjamin fucks Danny in the hall.
It's night, wood is burning in the furnace, and Chris, Danton and Justin Conway are playing cards. After a while, Danton and Justin decide they want to go to sleep, and so only Chris remains by the warm furnace. Chris Hollander, whois very horny by then, begins jerking off. Justin, who cannot sleep, as if he recognized a chance to enjoy midnight sex with Chris, returns to the room after a while, and both guys nicely stroke and suck each other’s dicks. Then Justin fucks Chris. Afterwards, both guys switch positions, and Chris fucks Justin.
All of the guys are taking a trip to the surroundings. Only Chris wants to stay behind, be lazy and read a book. Danton has been waiting for a long time already for a chance to be alone with Chris. And today he finally has a chance to enjoy sex with him, for real! Both boys suck each other’s horny penises under the sun umbrella and fuck in various positions without condoms.

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